A Naruto inspired MMORPG
Dattebayo aspires to be the first, complete Naruto MMO for Windows.

Features include:
- Action combat delivered through a unqieu hand seal system.
- Set in a parallel universe to the Naruto series with our own AI and player driven storyline.
- 2 Playable villages to begin with. Leaf and Rain. More to come later.
- Thousands of jutsu, gear and missions across a vast map.
- Deep character customization.
- Low system reqs. We understand that not every passionate gamer can afford the latest rig.
Download Windows only 4 GB
Konoha 	 Hokage Building 	 Join today! Character Creation Amegakure Sunagakure
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Feature overview
Our own storyline in a parallel universe to Naruto
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A huge open-world with sandbox leveling
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Combat is intense, diverse and fast paced
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PvP: Arena and Open world
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PvE: Item upgrading, Dungeons, World bosses, Player housing
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I can overwrite language strings!
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